How to create a Discord bot and add it to your server

So, you’re ready to create your first Discord bot, but how do you get started? Before developing and optimizing your bot, you’ll set up an application project with the Discord platform and create a listing for your bot. You can use one of the best budget Android phones to set up and manage your bot from the Discord Developer Portal. how to make a discord bot This guide walks you through the steps required to list your bot with Discord and how to bring it over to your personal server. If you have followed along correctly you should have a simple bot up and running that is in your discord server. You can type / to get a list of commands and enable more modules in your BotGhost Dashboard.

Let’s walk through setting each of these up in your project. Discord .NET has very stable releases and a larger development community that keeps the library updated and maintained. There are both paid and free versions of VS available depending on use, but you can get the Community edition to start . Personally, I’ve always been a fan of C# and the .NET framework for quickly getting desktop projects up and running. This will help you uncover any interesting and unique bot ideas that might’ve been hiding in your head all along. Here’s a link to the download/installation section of the Discord4J Guide.

Channel View

The channel we are currently viewing (“info”) has a slightly lighter background. When new messages post, the names of the channels render in white. To the far left is the list of servers where I am a member.

how to make a discord bot

Then, the deleteEncouragement() function is called passing in the index to delete. First it checks if «encouragements» is a key in the database. This simple bot code, along with the code explanation, is taken from the documentation. If you would rather host your Discord bot online, we recommend using Replit. For those who don’t know, Replit is an online IDE, where you can run and host over 50 programming languages. In addition, the process to set up Replit is fairly straightforward too.

Connecting a Bot

The code msg.split(«$new «,1) splits off the message from the «$new» command and stores the message in a variable. In that line of code, take note of the space in «$new «. The bot will also return a random inspirational quote from an API when someone types the message «$inspire» into the chat. To use the library, just write import discord at the top of

If you’ve never heard of StackOverflow, it’s essentially a Question & Answer forum for programmers and developers. Hop on, do a quick search, or even post your own question if you’re looking for an expert opinion. Your bot then interacts with Discord through their API, figures out what events or triggers happened, and reacts in a pre-programmed way. Your typical Discord bot has some programming/code in the background that tells it what to do when it encounters a trigger you specified. This means that when something happens in Discord, your bot sees it happen and takes action. The code msg.content.split(‘$new ‘) splits off the message from the «$new» command and stores the message in a variable.

Creating the Bot Application

You’ll be taken to a page where you can assign your bot to a channel.Click the drop-down box to display all your compatible channels. The last line logs in with the token from the bot portal. Obviously, the token in the screenshot here is fake. Make a note of this token as well, and keep it a secret.

  • However, high visitor traffic on a Discord server can become a bit of a challenge for administrators.
  • We’re going to add discord.js to your project in the next section of this guide where you actually start coding your bot.
  • So it’s no surprise that the service has exploded in popularity.
  • Here is the updated code for the message function.
  • It could allow someone to log in to your bot and do all sorts of bad things.

You can also create a bot to moderate your server and even kick members that repeatedly break rules in your server. There are tons of useful Discord bots out there, so the possibilities are endless, really. is a good place to look for Discord bots if you don’t want to go through the hassle of coding. Just pick up a bot from the website and make changes as necessary to modify the bot according to your needs. There are plenty of options to choose from so be sure to use the search bar on the top to find what you’re looking for. And replace CLIENTID with your bot’s client ID, found on the general information tab of the application page.

How to make a Discord Bot with BotGhost

Scroll down to the “Discord Bot Ideas” section in this guide and come up with a few bots you think you’d enjoy creating. If you’ve never installed Python before and are looking for a great step-by-step guide to do so, then I’d recommend taking a look at this guide from RealPython. Now that we’ve covered the basics, you should be primed and ready to go forward with creating your first Discord bot.

how to make a discord bot

There are some exceptions, however, and you may sometimes need information that is not present in your cache. The Guild Create events for heavily populated guilds only include information about online users. If your bot needs to get information about an offline user, the relevant information may not be present in your cache.

How to make a Discord bot: A step-by-step guide

Another option is to use the bot’s own mention as its prefix, although this makes issuing commands more verbose. The channel view details topics users have been discussing. We can see the preview of one message, a list of links to support servers for individual Discord bot libraries. The server has been configured to prevent regular users from posting messages.

how to make a discord bot

Carl-bot makes it easy to set up reaction roles on your Discord server without any programming knowledge. This is only one of the many ways Discord bots can save you time and enhance your experience. After you’ve confirmed the permissions you gave your bot, click Authorize, and voíla!

Ask Discord Bot to Join or Leave an Audio Channel

This feature is handy for large Discord servers as it eliminates the need to manually assign roles to many users. This feature eliminates the need for you to go through every message and assign roles to every member manually. Fortunately, Carl-bot makes creating reaction roles as easy as possible. When he first got an Android phone, he started writing tutorials about how one can get the most out of one’s Android device.

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