How to Translate Research Into Useful Science

why you should pursue a degree in physics

The pursuit of relevant science can transform humanity’s environmental, socio-cultural and economic wellbeing over the long-term. Science is the best tool we have to satisfy our fundamental curiosity about ourselves as well as our planet and universe. Science is a crucial part of our culture and can be the basis for innovation, which drives economic growth sustainability, sustainable lifestyles, and societal advancement.

In a lot of cases, science doesn’t solve real-world problems and can be accused of being a narcissistic curiosity, detached from the needs society. This is usually due to the disciplinary boundaries and the lack of institutional support for research applications, or the fact market forces aren’t in line with the desires and needs of scientists and their patrons.

It is easy to lose track of the bigger picture while immersed in the details of a research project. There are ways to ensure that the research results are useful to science. These include noting inputs from potential users, and strategically planning and integrating interaction with them in the research process and ensuring that the research project’s results are appropriate for the needs of the people who will use it.

The list of fascinating topics for science below is the perfect place to start in the search of ideas for your next research paper. Take into consideration factors such as feasibility and your level interest when selecting the appropriate subject for your research. Ask your professor or lecturer to ensure that the topic you select is suitable for the course.

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