Online Privacy Concerns in Transactions

Privacy concerns regarding online transactions

Hackers can track you even if you’re alone at home and using your preferred social media application or browsing the web. Some might argue that a lack of privacy is a fact of our digital lives, but this isn’t a reason to stop protecting our personal data and rights online. Reclaiming our privacy requires informed choices about the apps, sites and devices we are using, which software solutions to secure ourselves with, as well as placing pressure on the governing institutions to enforce data and consumer protection laws.

The current trend of offering users the ability to «opt in» to having their personal information collected and used for advertising purposes can cause tension between the desire to be able to communicate via the internet with friends and family and the need to protect privacy (Woo 2006). In addition, consumers are frequently forced to share their personal data to gain access to websites or services, and they can be exposed to an overwhelming amount of information regarding what companies do with their data. Many consumers find themselves overwhelmed by the plethora of data and are less likely to review companies privacy policies on the internet that are becoming more legal in their nature.

The results of research studies that have studied a variety antecedents to privacy issues on the internet are incongruous and inconsistent. In this study, we propose an integrated model that explains the formation of privacy concerns on the internet by investigating how various factors interact with each other in the context of a dyadic relationship between an individual and a website. The results show that the factors include the person’s sensitiveness to privacy concerns, risk pop over to this web-site avoidance personality and level of Internet knowledge. The interaction between these elements and the person’s perception of fairness in their privacy online options mitigates the effects.

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