Board Management Software For Government

Board management software simplifies administrative tasks for government, simplifies meetings & supports transparency. ContractZen’s 100% paperless Board Portal provides end-to-end management of meetings, from the creation of an agenda, to constructing, approvating & esigning the minutes. Features include streamlined invites and secure distribution of board management software for government materials, task management, and powerful search using OCR.

It’s important to choose a board portal solution that was created with user experience in mind, especially for committees and boards with busy members. This will ensure that the system is simple to learn and use, and doesn’t contain an extensive learning curve. It is also vital that the software is optimised for tablet, desktop and mobile devices. This lets users access and use it from any place at any time.

Better Governance

Board governance software is designed to help directors run their boards more efficiently and effectively and to increase the effectiveness of directors and their engagement as the key elements of good corporate governance. This is achieved by providing a central location to store board information and documents, as well as facilitating the sharing and collaboration of material across different devices.

One of the primary benefits of using a board portal is that it cuts down on time for both administrators and directors. It reduces the amount time that is spent preparing for and attending meetings since it doesn’t require you to peruse physical board packs or look through email threads for relevant information. It also cuts down on travel expenses by allowing directors to work remotely. It also provides one point of truth that eliminates the need for physical files to be kept updated and maintained.

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